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I don't know what my Outgoings are
Check your rent invoice for items listed other than Rent, i.e. Outgoings, Variable Outgoings, Monthly charges (excluding promo and electricity). If none of these, simply enter zero.

I don't know if I have Options
Check your lease terms, either on the schedule of terms, the first page, or in the clauses. Check for relevant section headings on the lease contents page.

Which Retailer Associations does Lease1 work with?
We assist just about all Associations in Australia, most notably:
-Australian Retailers Association
-Pharmacy Guild of Australia
-Franchise Council of Australia
-National Retailers Association
-Restaurant & Caterers
-Australian Newsagents Federation
-Australian Newsagents and Lotteries Association

Can I send Lease1 my documents to review?
Yes, any documents can be sent to:
info@lease1.com.au or pharmacy@lease1.com.au

*Required field
^for Pharmacies, use front of store (retail only) sales; for Newsagents, use Retail sales + Commissions.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Lease1;
By Email: info@lease1.com.au or pharmacy@lease1.com.au
By Phone: 1300 766 369